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Top Management – Organizational Changes

I am delighted to announce that effective June 2017, as part of on-going Company re-organization, Timur Sharapiev has been appointed as a new COC Director General.

Timur has been with our organization from the very start of our exciting journey.

His first assignment was as a Project Manager to supervise The Living Quarter Barges refurbishment campaign back in 2005.  Since then Timur has matured into a key member of our organization, now having successful deliveries of 19 new-build vessels into the Caspian Sea on his resume.  His sound technical knowledge, dedication to details and personal qualities have gained him a strong authority amongst COC staff and technical team in particular, which, under Timur’s supervision, have developed into one of the most professional in the region. 

In 2012 Timur had been appointed as a Director of newly established COC LLC, where he once again has demonstrated his managerial skills by developing COC LLC into a reliable and solid organization representing business interests of our group in neighboring Russian Federation.

I am sure Timur’s experience, his in-depth knowledge of our organization, his professionalism and affection to COC project will help him guide our group through challenging times to the new heights.  

Taking this opportunity, I would also like to announce that Oleg Mun had now taken a position of Advisor to Director General.  I strongly believe that Oleg’s operational and practical experience, knowledge of the industry, and loyalty to our organization, which is second to none, is always making him extremely valuable member of our management team. 

I wish both Timur and Oleg patience, luck and success in their efforts to continuously improve COC systems and processes in order to maintain highest standards of services delivered on our existing and future commitments. 

Sincerely Yours,

Dauren Madin, CEO